Membership Packages

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30 Day Trial Membership TrialOne per member

Unlimited Access to Nisus for 30 Days!

As a Trial Member you have unlimited access to our club and online sessions. You will be part of our Trial Member Nurture Program and have both a Consultation and Fit3D Scan with one of our Coaches.

This Trial gives you the opportunity to get to know the Nisus team, see how our club is different to every other gym you have gone to and be part of our Nisus Community! After 30 Days you will know if we are the right fit for you or not!


Our Performance Membership is a coaching service for members who have a specific sporting goal in mind. In the past these have ranged from marathons to triathlons, adventure races to multi-day sportive and many more ambitious personal goals.

Regardless of the goal, if you need sport specific coaching from Joe O Connor, this is the membership package for you.

Membership - BRONZE

8 Club Sessions Per Month plus Online Membership

Membership - GOLD

Unlimited Access to Nisus each month both in the club and online

Membership - SILVER

16 Club Sessions Per Month plus Online Membership

Nisus Online Membership

Our Online Membership gives you 24 Online Credits a month.