Membership Packages

Click "Select" to select a package, and view the membership plans available. You can change your selection later, if you wish.

Membership 1 - BRONZE (8)

8 Club Sessions Per Month including Online Membership

Membership 2 - SILVER (12)

12 Club Sessions Per Month including Online Membership

Membership 3 - GOLD (16)

16 Club Sessions Per Month including Online Membership

Membership 4 - Platinum (20)

20 Club Sessions Per Month including Online Membership

Nisus Online Membership

Our Online Membership gives you 20 Online Credits a month for our live online sessions at 6:30am (Monday to Wednesday) or 6:45am (Thursday & Friday). You also get access to our On-Demand libraries of workouts and all our nutritional and lifestyle resources

Performance Coaching Membership

Our Performance Coaching Membership is a personalized coaching service for members who have a specific sporting goal in mind (Marathon, Triathlon, Sportive etc)

Personal Training Membership

Our monthly Personal Training Membership gives you either 4 (PT1) or 8 (PT2) Personal Training Sessions a month.

On top of your Personal Training sessions, you get 16 group session credits to use each month. Therefore, you get the best of both worlds, time alone with your personal trainer as well as having the opportunity to train as part of a group of likeminded people. Our group sessions in Nisus do not exceed 10 people, therefore, you are still receiving coaching in the group environment.

Finally, all members in Nisus have access to our On-Demand Library of Online Sessions which you can do at home. you also receive unlimited access to all our nutrition and lifestyle resources which will complement the guidance that your trainer will provide you specific to your goals.

In Nisus, you do not have to pay separately for Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, Online Training and Group Exercise. It's all wrapped up into your Personal Training Membership therefore saving you money and time. Our Personal Training Membership is a one stop shop for your new healthy lifestyle.

This membership is a monthly recurring membership and can be stopped with 30 Days' Notice. There is no long-term commitment as the membership rolls month to month until your happy you have achieved your goals.