25 March 2023 08:10 - 09:00 Location:Nisus Fitness Training Club, Group Training
Lead coach:Rachel Leane
Cost:1 credit or €15.00
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SGT Duo is a full body workout based on four key pillars of Move, Strong, Sculpt & Burn.

The session begins with a movement and mobility sequence to help prepare for the session ahead but also work on the typical tight areas that need regular stretching.

Once the move pillar is complete, the session enters the main or strong phase. Its in this part of the session that we look at building stronger bodies. Each session will be based around these key lifts.

Following the strong phase, we move onto the auxiliary lifts or what we like to call the sculpt lifts. These tend to be smaller muscle exercises than before but are still key for optimal strength both from a function and posture perspective.

Finally, the finisher or burn! This is where we finish the session on a high with some high intensity intervals to make sure you leave the gym knowing you have got a sweat on.

So together, the move, strong, sculpt and burn pillars give you a complete full body workout in 50 mins!